Chico Farmers Market Staying Put for Now

Jun 19, 2013 2:03 AM

The Chico City Council Tuesday night voted unanimously to renew the contract with the Chico Farmers Market. Mayor Mary Goloff had pushed for the contract to be terminated in order to move the market two blocks to the south, to the parking lot behind City Hall. Some downtown business owners complain the current market location eliminates critical parking each Saturday morning on what should be the busiest day of the week for retailers.

Supports say the Chico Farmers Market is a treasure and should stay where it has been operating since 1980, at the corner of 2nd and Wall Streets. More than 50 people addressed council members Tuesday night in what was a marathon 15 hours meeting, taken up mostly by the city budget. In the end, council members decided to push the issue 18 months into the future, voting unanimously to renew the contract until December of 2014. In the meantime, an ad hoc committee will be formed, made up of representatives of interested parties. It will discuss concerns about the current market location and present recommendations to the city council.


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