Chico establishes fraud hotline

Apr 1, 2014 7:50 PM

A new policy is now in effect that could be saving the city of Chico some much needed taxpayer dollars.

A fraud, waste, and abuse hotline was set up to accept reports through a third party which can be sent in from city employees, citizens, or vendors with the city. The reports are sent to the city auditor, city manager, city attorney, and the mayor. From there, they investigate the reports and follow up with other departments.

City officials say people shouldn't be afraid to speak up. "For somebody that may have been concerned, for which that's the reason they never reported anything in the apt, this offers an opportunity where you won't get in trouble. in fact, if you're uncomfortable you can actually not even provide your name or info. you can provide your complaint, you're provided a report number, and then you can call back to see what has happened with the call you made initially," explained Chris Constantin, Administrative Services Director for the City of Chico.

Hotlines like these have been known to reveal significant fraud. Since the policy went into effect last week, the city has already received 3 reports though the hotline.

The number to call is 1-855-423-2557 or you can submit a form online at


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