Chico Debris Fires on the Rise

Sep 24, 2013 7:13 PM

Chico Fire is reporting an increase in outside furniture fires.

Chico Fire Inspector Marie Fickert is calling it a chronic problem, stating some months have had twice as many fires as the same month from last year.

Most fires occur on the weekends in the south Chico State campus area and involve couches, chairs and other combustible furniture. Firefighters say they will receive as many as nine calls a night of small fires.

“Dumpster fires and furniture fires can have flame lengths of 20-25 feet high,” said Fickert.

Fickert wants to get the word out that not only is it illegal, it's also a public safety threat.

“If you notice any suspicious activity, like see a fire or see a fire being set, do the responsible thing, call 911 from a safe location. We don't want you to engage with that person."

The new Goodwill in Chico takes in just about everything, with the exception of mattresses. You can drop off items at the trailer located at 765 East Avenue, or stop by the donation express on Mangrove Avenue.


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