Chico Creek Nature Center New Exhibit

Mar 21, 2010 8:27 PM

The count down has begun for the opening of the new exhibit hall at Chico Creek Nature Center on Eighth street, and there is plenty of work to be done. About fourteen volunteers came Sunday to pick weeds and clean up the area. "It's needed and it's just such a good opportunity for people to come out and see different native plant that are well established in a garden type setting and see what they can show in their own garden if they're interested," Mt. Lassen Native Plant Society Chapter President Janna Lathrop stated.

It is not just the native plants people will see. The Howard S. Tucker exhibit hall is meant to showcase the habitat of Bidwell Park. Right next to the hall is Kristie's Nature Lab, which is designed to give school children a hands-on lesson in science. After eight years and almost nine-hundred thousand dollars, organizers are anxious for opening day. "It is really exciting for just the Chico Creek Nature Center, really for the city of Chico because this is the first time they've had a complete interpretive nature center in the park," Friends of Bidwell Park Volunteer Coordinator Susan Mason said.

Vistors can take what they learn inside and apply that knowledge when exploring the park outside. "I think the best thing about it is anybody that comes in and looks at these is going to want to go out to explore the park, not just lower park, but all parts of the park," Mason explained.

The new exhibit hall and classroom are right next to the current center. The grand opening of the new exhibit and nature lab is this coming Saturday from noon to four at the Chico Creek Nature Center.


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