Chico couple survives hurricane Odile

Sep 25, 2014 11:51 PM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

While some American tourists remain stranded after hurricane Odile slammed into the Mexican peninsula some argue the US should be doing more for their travelers.

Less than 36 hours after finally getting home, a Chico couple sat down with me to talk about their vacation in La Paz, Mexico that was anything but that.
Sonia and Joe Morgan were taking a trip to visit family when the unthinkable happened.

Hurricane Odile hit Cabo San Lucas just 90 miles away from their beach home. The category 4 hurricane was the strongest to hit the region since 1967.

The Morgans -- unlike so many american tourists had family they were staying with. so while getting home was still difficult, they consider themselves lucky. After 6 hours in line at the airport, the opportunity to get on a bus to Tijuana arose.

Although, the storm had destroyed roadways, they had a major decision to make... either stay at the airport for who knows how long... or take a 38 hour bus ride and risk getting stuck. A 2nd hurricane was set to hit friday.

After ten hours on the road..they were stopped by floods... the next day, an overturned diesel... Until they finally made it to the bus terminal...

To wrap up the grueling 4 day journey... a cab got them to the border so they could cross by foot.

From there, san diego friends helped them to the airport. After touching down in phoenix and sacramento the drive home to chico, that came 4 days too late, was a breeze.


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