Chico Councilor admits prescription drug abuse

Apr 16, 2014 11:42 AM

Chico City Councilmember Mary Goloff Tuesday confirmed that she is indeed undergoing treatment for an addiction on prescription drugs.

Goloff made the public announcement before Tuesday's regular city council meeting. She said she did so to deal with the recent speculation as to why she had requested medical leave from recent regular council meetings.

Goloff said she entered a local rehab facility Feb. 27. She said her addiction was a result of a major hip surgery she underwent in the fall.

"Unfortunately, addiction is not a disease that discriminates," Goloff said. "It's quite the opposite, it actually touches all kinds of people, even those elected to serve their community."

Goloff says she has been focused on her health and finding the best treatment. Goloff, who stepped down from her appointed Mayorship last fall for what then was described as personal reasons, added that she is proud she sought the rehabilitation and has never felt better or stronger to attend a city council meeting.

Goloff said she plans on finishing her term, which ends in December and will not seek re-election.


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