Chico councilmember admits to prescription drug abuse

Apr 16, 2014 6:52 PM

Just before Tuesday night's city council meeting, Councilwomen Mary Goloff made the announcement that she's been seeking rehabilitation treatment for her addiction to prescription medication. "On February 27th, with the support of my family and my closest friends, I made a decision to seek treatment for dependence on prescription medication resulting from major hip surgery that I had in the fall," explained Mary Goloff, Chico City Councilwomen.

Goloff has had trouble in the past. In July of 2008, she was cited for being under the influence of prescription drugs after crashing her car into a Chico business. "Addiction is not a disease that discriminates. It’s quite the opposite actually. It touches all kinds of people, even those elected to serve their community," said Goloff.

Experts say fighting addiction is difficult for anyone but especially for those in the public eye. "It's going to be a little more difficult. There’s going to be some challenges for the simple fact that people have different opinions about addiction and it's going to make it much more difficult because people are looking at you as you go through the recovery process," said Edward Sprague, Director of Treatment Services at Skyway House.

Many we spoke to say they support Goloff and respect her for going public with it. "We need to support anyone with the addiction problem, especially trying to recover from it. It’s a difficult thing to recover from and she's done so much for the community," said Dulcy Schroeder.

Goloff says she won't be seeking re-election but wants people to remember her as someone who served the community. "That's always been my goal. Not to bring partisan politics into the chambers or into my service but to serve with the interest of my whole community in mind,” said Goloff. She also said she feels better and stronger to finish her term as councilmember.


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