Chico council votes to spend $2.4 million on deficit

Mar 4, 2015 2:00 PM by News Staff

The Chico City Council voted Tuesday night to allocate more than $2 million toward the city's ongoing fiscal recovery efforts.

The council weighed three options about how to spend nearly $5 million in carryover funds coming from higher than anticipated sales and property tax revenues in 2014.

All three options considered included using a portion of the $4,860,207 to pay down deficits that continue to weigh on city finances, as well as replenishing depleted city funds.

Council members decided on option B which designates the transfer of $2,454,707 to the city's general fund deficit.

The option chosen carries $1.2 million into the next fiscal year, and allocates $181,000 for neighborhood parks and $100,000 to the airport fund.

The council had previously approved the usage of 478,000 to hire three new police officers, a waste consultant, make flood repairs in the Bancroft neighborhood and for repairs to Sycamore Pool.

The remaining $450,000 will be split into a variety of one time city-improvement expenses, including $25,000 for the Chico Library, a laser mapping system for the police department and a streets condition assessment.

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