Chico Could Have More Local Control Over Licensed Liquor Businesses

Nov 18, 2013 7:46 PM

Chico's Chief of Police could soon have more control over businesses with liquor licenses.

That means anyone with a California ABC license: liquor stores, bars, restaurants, convenience stores.

Chico city councilmember Tami Ritter expects this "land-use" issue involving these "licensees" to head to the planning commission tomorrow night.

She also said this isn't about restricting business by taking away liquor licenses.

“It's about getting [businesses] into compliance. So the objective is not to penalize,” Ritter said.

“I think the Chief may be looking for more local control over issues related to public nuisances in and around businesses,” Chico Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Katie Simmons said.

Chief Kirk Trostle told Action News Now this issue is all about local control. Councilmember Ritter said it would give Chico Police increased power they've not had.


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