Chico Cop Crashes as Man Hangs over Cohasset Overpass

Jun 13, 2013 12:10 AM

Wednesday evening, Chico police say a woman called 911, saying a man she lived with was threatening to kill himself by jumping from the Cohasset bridge. Officers responded to the scene and found the man standing on the sidewalk overpass. When they approached he jumped over and hung by his arm from the rail. An approaching Chico police officer turned on his lights and swung his patrol car around to block both lanes, but was struck by an oncoming car. Investigators say when the suicidal man heard the commotion, he climbed back over the ledge, and was arrested. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation. The officer was taken to the ER with minor injuries, and the man driving the other car refused medical treatment. The California Highway Patrol is investigating.


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