Chico company launches athlete driven social network

Feb 22, 2015 2:25 PM

We saw them transform the downtown plaza for Chico's first ever Rail Jam. Now it's time to meet the people who made it all possible.

Ben Sampson and the team at Soul id have created a first of it's kind social network. The network created by Chico State Alums is dedicated to athletes.
How it works... Users can create a Soul id profile, then use the site to share and receive content about their passion. The site isn't limited to photos and videos; featured products as well as the latest news related to your Soul id will be at your fingertips. Interacting with an audience and fellow enthusiasts becomes a personalized experience.

The team at Soul id features a top 100 list of athletes and photographers, so you can learn their story or share your own.

The chico based company is one of the fastest growing brands in action adventure sports. The Soul id is part of Wanderful's business incubator program providing mentorship to entrepreneurs. You can find them at their downtown location.

Because the site is so new the app isn't out just yet, but the website is fully up and running... check out to create your own account.


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