Chico Company Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Dec 5, 2012 10:06 PM

Six Degrees Coffee Service started as a small operation in Amy Louis's garage 10 years ago. Now, Louis and co-owner Elizabeth Goldblatt serve more than 100 businesses in the North State. Many clients rely on Six Degrees to distribute coffee to them, but Louis and Goldblatt found out early on that businesses were looking for more than just the product.

"It started with a coffee company, and then we added a tea company. Now we really are a one stop shop. We don't carry food, but we carry pretty much anything you need in a cafe," says Louis.

Between the 13 staff members at Six Degrees they are also able to offer employee training and equipment maintenance to their clients, which is something local business owners say is hard to come by.

Lori Powers, co-owner of Upper Crust Bakery and longtime Six Degrees client, says, "That was really unheard of in the area to have a company come in and be there to offer all the parts."

The company takes pride in staying up to speed on trends in the coffee industry and being able to keep its clients informed. With coffee being a hot commodity around the globe, it has helped the business stay afloat in a tough economy.

“The number one reason that we do all of this is to keep small businesses in business. We've had very few accounts that have actually closed in this economy. Coffee is a staple. Coffee is also something people need and want," says Louis.

When it comes down to it, Louis and Goldblatt say the secret to Six Degrees' success is its employees. Six Degrees is also known for going the extra mile for its customers. Louis has travelled as far as Guatemala to meet with growers to insure they're getting the best products possible for North State businesse


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