Chico community rose garden makes debut

May 5, 2016 2:23 PM by News Staff

After years of planning and organizing, the Creekside Rose Garden on Vallombrosa Avenue held its grand opening making one local philanthropist's dream a reality.

“It is a dream come true, that is true, and for it to be done is such great taste and it's accessible to everybody,” said Marilyn Warrens, a donor to the rose garden. “They can come and enjoy it forever, hopefully forever."

The Creekside Rose Garden which started as just an idea, is now a beautiful reality, a new addition to the Chico community.

The roses sit about knee high right now but over the years they will bloom into large rose bushes.

CARD General Manager Ann Willman said they still have a few small tweaks to make around the grounds but the entire project only took about 4 months to complete.

“Marilyn was very interested in having a community rose garden and approached several agencies throughout the years and then in 2013 she approached card and card said yes and we were able to finally get it built in 2016," Willman said.

Warrens said her children grew up here, she is a Chico State alumnae and she not only wanted to do something for the city she loves ... but the people who make the city what it is.

“I felt like I really wanted to do something for chicoans, not just chico but chicoans to enjoy like I have enjoyed it," she said.

Marilyn said if you want to memorialize or honor a loved one, you can buy a rose and have it planted at the garden.

The area also serves as an event center for weddings and get-togethers.


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