Chico code enforcement wants weedy lots cleared by June 1st

May 5, 2015 9:16 PM

It is just going to get warmer outside as we head into Summer and it seems the weeds on empty lots keep growing. Chico code enforcement officers claim those lots can be a fire hazard and now they want owners to clean up the problem lots around town. Owners should have gotten a letter in the mail about their weedy lots and if they aren't voluntarily cleared within the next few weeks the city may step in. Code Enforcement Officer Raul Gonzalez says the city has found about 600 weedy lots.

At Tuesday night's city council meeting code enforcement is asking the city to set a deadline for the lots to be cleared by June 1st. If they aren't cleared by then they want the approval to step in.

"If it is not done by June 1st the council will give me the authority to deem it a public nuisance on the spot, declare it an immediate fire hazard, and we can send the city contractor to clear the lot and bill the property owner for the work." says Code Enforcement Officer Raul Gonzalez.

The clean up would be using city funds, but it would eventually be billed back to the owner. Gonzalez says as it gets warmer the lots tend to get even worse and they can be a fire hazard for neighbors.


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