Chico City Planners considering potential amendments to Title 19 regarding the regulation of alcohol sales

Jul 18, 2014 1:58 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

In response to Chico's call for community action involving alcohol consumption, City Planners held a meeting to discuss potential amendments to title 19-- a code regarding land use and the regulation of businesses selling alcohol. The planning meeting discussed vocabulary and regulation concepts.

No formal action was taken tonight. This was just a planning meeting to discuss how to approach city council with certain changes.

Planners made it a point to address Chico's unique situation in that there has been a rise in alcohol related issues, whether they are related to establishments or off site sales.

Members of the bar and restaurant industry came to voice their opinions. While they understand protecting the public, their concern is about ABC and state regulations already in effect. These regulations include checking IDs, monitoring alcohol consumption, and making sure people get home safely-- something that is not regulated at house parties.

The planning committee also mentions that they want to appeal to businesses that haven't historically created problems. They also plan to look at types of liquor licenses, presence of amplified entertainment and the manner in which things are served.

The planning commission will look at this at least one more time before presenting to city council. These meetings are open to the public so people can be involved in the process.


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