Chico City Leaders Hold Alcohol Policy Workshop

Oct 23, 2013 2:40 PM

City leaders in Chico are continuing their efforts to try and deal with binge drinking and will soon be looking to implement policies to curb the issue. City council members, law enforcement, Chico State students and business owners all gathered in the city council chambers today to discuss different alcohol related ordinances. The policies range from restricting sales at new businesses that serve alcohol to programs that hold bar managers responsible for the problems that happen at their businesses. One concern that came up was the cluster of bars in the downtown area. Some of the policies would also potentially set distance requirements for bars and stores that sell alcohol to try and avoid further clustering. The council will also be looking at policies that hold homeowners accountable for underage drinking in their homes. Recommendations on these laws will be sent to the city council at the next internal affairs committee meeting on November 13th.


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