Chico City Councilman proposing ban on 'ghost riding'

Sep 21, 2015 8:14 PM by News Staff

A Chico City Councilmember plans to propose a new ordinance he says will help the city reduce bike thefts.

The new ordinance, that will be proposed by Councilmember Randall Stone, would make ghost riding within Chico city limits illegal. Ghost riding is when someone rides a bike, while steering another riderless bike alongside.

The practice is often done by individuals transporting stolen bicycles, and Stone says the point of the ordinance would not be to issue citations, but rather to make it easier for police to stop suspected theives, and ask a few questions.

Additionally, Stone wants to make it illegal to dismantle a bike in public. He says this would help put an end to chop shops that pop up aropund the city.

Stone says he has no specific plans yet on when he will introduce the idea for discussion of the full city council.


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