Chico City Council to consider noise ordinance revision

Oct 19, 2015 9:31 PM

Chico's City Council will face a number of hot topics at the next council meeting. One agenda item is concerning a revision to the city noise ordinance. First introduced in 2012, the revision could mean harsher punishment for repeat offenders.

Assistant City Manager Chris Constantin says resources are stretched too thin when it comes to containing a south campus party, "in some cases we deploy every single officer to deal with that call meanwhile the rest of the city doesn't have police protection."

Should the City vote in favor of the revision, repeat offenders could face a misdemeanor if the aggrieved resident is willing to sign something saying how they are impacted and agree to go to court.

How and when the revision will be enforced is up to the Police Department.

The revision will only be introduced to council on Tuesday, they will then vote 30 days later at the next meeting. The revision can go into effect as soon as December 20th.


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