Chico City Council Pushes Back Controversial Annex Proposals

Aug 6, 2014 7:32 AM

The Chico city council still does not have a decision made on the controversial proposals to annex two of the area's oldest neighborhoods.

This after the council decided in last night's meeting to move the topic back.

Chico is working to take over two areas to fix the long standing nitrate problem with its ground water.

The chapman and mulberry neighborhoods are two unincorporated islands surrounded by the city of Chico south of downtown.

Nearly all of the homes in that area are on septic systems.

The city and Butte County were mandated by the state years ago to rid older neighborhoods of old septic systems to fix the underground nitrate problem.

Taking over the areas would allow for the homes to connect to the sewage system in the city.

The two areas are about 138 acres, 560 homes with over a thousand people living there.
The city would take over all maintenance in the area.

The item has been moved back until August 19, when the city council meets again.


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