Chico City Council Passes Budget in Progress

Jun 18, 2013 10:58 PM

After more than 11 hours of discussion about a budget plan calling for $4.8 million worth of cuts, the Chico City Council finally passed the plan as proposed.
But the 5-2 vote came only after a motion that directed staff members to come back to the council with a plan that would restore six police officers positions that are being eliminated as part of the $2 million dollars in budget cuts being requested from the police department.
Several council members also asked the city manager and other employees to look for money for the fire department that is losing about $1.6 million in funding.
For the fire department that will mean the elimination of five vacant firefighter positions as well as the closure of one station.
The fire department would prefer to close Station 3 at the airport, but that will likely be discussed further because of the moves impact on commercial flights.
If extra money is not allocated to the police department it will eliminate a total of 19 positions including 10 vacant sworn officer positions.
In addition to the public safety cuts the city will eliminate 33 other positions around the city including 15 public works jobs.


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