Chico city audit results in financial windfall

Feb 4, 2015 5:56 PM by News Staff

If you've ever had that experience of finding an extra five or 10 dollar bill in an old jacket, well that's kind of like what the city of Chico is feeling, except they found a little more than $5.

A recent audit of city fees discovered that Chico has been missing out on about $200,000 a year in unpaid franchise fees from cable company Comcast over the past four years.

Franchise fees are commonly charged to vendors like cable, telecom or even garbage companies for the right to do business in a particular municipality.

While city officials are not pointing fingers, City Manager Mark Orme said Comcast simply wasn't passing through the fees owed to the city. On the flip side, it took an audit for the city to realize it wasn't getting the money.

Council member Randall Stone says the extra money will help the city's finances. Stone said the credit goes to city staff and their efforts checking the numbers.

The extra revenue located and collected, combined with this years fees adds up to approximately $1 million for the city.

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