Chico Car-Free Day

Oct 6, 2013 6:33 PM

If you drove through downtown Chico Sunday, you may have noticed problems getting your car down certain streets.

And that was the plan for the Butte Environmental Council’s first Chico Car-Free Day.

Hundreds attended this event designed to showcase what it would be like with less cars on the streets.

The event closed down nine square blocks in Chico between 4th and 7th Streets and Wall and Flume Streets.

The goal was to reduce carbon pollution and encourage more walking and riding of bikes.

“It’s an experiment. We’re closing the streets and providing the space and allowing Chico to do what they want in the streets,” said Kevin Killion of the Butte Environmental Council. “We give them a chance to play in the streets, play games and just enjoy themselves without cars.”


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