Chico Cafe to transform into pay as you can model

Jun 13, 2014 5:46 PM by Brian Johnson

The owner of a Chico Cafe plans on turning her business into a pay as you can community cafe come fall.

Jill Lacefield owns 100th monkey Cafe and Books, but said by fall that name may change to 100th Monkey Community Cafe.
She says this fall, customers will be able to come in, see the suggested price of an ever-changing menu, and pay what they wish.

Two months ago, Lacefield asked herself how she might go about being the change she wants to see in the world.
She said she remembered hearing about community cafes (like One World Cafe) popping up around the country, then started having conversations with some in North Carolina and Tennessee.

She said the idea is rooted in a gift-economy model.

"If all of us in any given community give what we have, all of us get what we need," Lacefield said. "Give what we have, get what we need. And we know that's true about even the food that's grown in the world today, it's just how it's distributed."


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