Chico business owner frustrated with vandals

Feb 9, 2015 7:14 PM

A Chico business owner is hoping surveillance video will help police solve a weekend break in at his repair shop. Jason Carrier owns Extreme Diesels Exhaust on the Esplanade. He arrived to work this morning to find five of his customers' trucks had been broken into. His security cameras have show the man he says stole several truck batteries along with other items

"It is really annoying, and now that I have done security cameras and that hasn't detoured the thefts yet, I guess I need to take a few more steps now." says owner Jason Carrier.

He says these crimes are frustrating and their isn't much he can do. The police department required the owners of the vehicles to fill out online theft reports. Carrier wants others to put the word out so others will be aware of the crime problem and take precautions. If you have any information regarding these crimes you are urged to call the Chico Police Department.


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