Chico business features cutting edge hydrotherapy pool

Jan 30, 2014 8:30 PM

A new business in Chico is putting a fresh spin on exercising while also helping people recover from injuries. Aquatic therapy is becoming well known for helping people lose weight, deal with pain, and decrease recovery time from injuries. The Chico Hydrotherapy Center just opened two weeks ago after installing a specialized Hydroworx pool. It's used by professional sports teams, colleges and military hospitals around the country, but it's not just for athletes.

Aquatic trainer Scott Amick says, "Folks that are a little bit overweight, that are morbidly obese can utilize this pool to burn fat, to feel better, and ultimately to change their lives."

The main feature of the pool is the underwater treadmill. The non-weight bearing environment eases pressure on joints, providing a low impact workout.

"Up to 90% of someone's body weight can be taken off just by getting in this pool. That's very important for anyone that has any issues below the waist," says Amick.

Pam Boyer saw the benefit of aquatic therapy after using the pool just one time.

"I've had 6 hip surgeries since I was injured in 1992 and the pool is amazing. It was the first time I was able to run in 20 years," she says.

The pool can also be used for strength training and doing workouts that you otherwise would not be able to do on land. The high powered jets in the pool have multiple uses. You can use it for resistance while you're running, but it can also help massage the muscles to improve the recovery process and reduce soreness.

The business will soon be attaching cameras to ports underneath the pool so the trainer can see what's going on underwater and be able to provide feedback to the user. The Hydroworx pool is the only one in the north state, and you'd have to travel several hundred miles to find another one like it. So, residents here can reap the benefits of a cutting edge technology that's improving people's quality of life.

"Not being able to exercise changed my life. Pain changes who you are, and being able to get in the water and exercise like I did when I was younger before I was injured, it was unbelievable," says Boyer.

The Chico Hydrotherapy Center is located on Flying V Street off of Forest Avenue. Each session on average costs about $80 an hour.


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