Chico boy appears in Lifetime's "Child Genius" reality competition show

Jan 7, 2016 9:58 PM by Alyssa Deitsch

A dozen kids from across the nation are participating in a reality TV academic competition show on Lifetime called “Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest.” A 12-year-old Chico boy is one of them.

The kids are vying for a 100-thousand dollar college fund in the show’s second season, which premieres Thursday at 8/7 central p.m.

“I've always had good grades in school,” Jaden Fragoso said. “But I never thought I would be on a TV show about [being smart]!"

Jaden says he does’t consider himself a genius; just a kid with a great ability to memorize things who loves math, science, reading, playing music, and cooking.

His parents, John and Sarah Fragoso, tease that Jaden loves to quiz, and stump, them.

“[Raising a genius child] is a lot of fun but it comes with challenges,” Sarah Fragoso said.

“He's correcting me all the time,” John Fragoso agreed.

Although Jaden has a great memory, he said studying for all the tests on the show were challenging.

“Balancing all the studying, plus constantly having the cameras on you… that was probably the hardest part,” Jaden said.

John and Sarah Fragoso said they wanted to do the show for the experience, not to win the competition.

As for Jaden’s plans when he grows up: “I'm 12 years old,” he said. “I don't have a set plan yet."


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