Chico Best Place to Live...

Sep 14, 2011 2:59 PM

It's a city full of life and diversity, and most locals are proud to call Chico home. And now the bustling city is catching the eye of the outside world. Chico was just ranked one of the 19 best places to live in the country by Outside Magazine. " We were thrilled to see it. One of my staff members talked to the writer from the magazine several months ago and we were really excited when we actually mad it into this edition", said Chico Chamber of Commerce CEO Jolene Francis.
The article boasts about some of Chico's best qualities, including the progressive bike friendly community. It also cites specific attributes like being home to Bidwell Park, Chico State University and the Sierra Nevada Brewery. " It also doesn't hurt that we are just at the the cusp of the cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and we're within a 3 hour drive of some wonderful wonderful outdoor activities", explained Francis.
Chico was the only city from California to make the magazine's list, and many Chico residents agree they were right on the money with their pick. " I think it's about time it's recognized. I think a lot of people probably drive through it and think it's just another small town, but it's really a great place to live, to visit, to go to school", said Chico resident Kelly Murphy, Zora Thomas also of Chico adds " I think it's absolutely correct, especially for a magazine like Outside that focuses on outdoor sports because for someone like me who likes mountain biking and hiking and white water kayaking, Bidwell Park is absolutely great".
Whether it be parks and plaza's, or fine dinning and education, Chico offers something for all who call it home, or simply visit. And as the article says, life is better here. " Can you think of a better place to live? I certainly can't", said Francis.


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