Chico-based clothing company expands its roots

Mar 14, 2014 6:57 PM

With every stroke, color and design, a lot of local pride goes into making these clothes.

This clothing line is called Upper Park and much of the brand's influence comes from one of Chico's most iconic places.

“Nature is just inspiration for sure,” said David Selkirk, co-owner of Upper Park Clothing. “And Upper Park is the inspiration for it.”

This clothing company was started by a pair of Chico locals who took their passion for art and turned it into their profession. Jaime Wilhite does most of the labor and screen printing while Selkirk handles more of the creative side.

“It’s important to be trendy I guess or know about what other people are going to like,” Selkirk said. “And not be cheesy. That’s one of our big ones: not be cheesy.”

This duo started Upper Park Clothing about five months ago. And since then business has been building, first in the streets of Chico and later shipping clothes across the country.

At downtown Chico clothing store Anika Burke, they have a hard time keeping up with the demand for Upper Park Clothing.

“Supporting local, everybody's really getting into it,” said Anna Austin, a sales associate. “People just can’t get enough of them.”

To get some of them, check out their website at


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