Chico bagel shop receives $43K tip

Jul 28, 2014 10:49 AM by News Staff

A downtown Chico business was shocked to see a $43,000 tip after checking their receipts.
It happened last week, and while the tip does not appear to be given intentionally, it did go through.
Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works' Co-Owner Pete Horylev said this happened last Wednesday, just after 7am, when his partner Scott and another young lady were working. She was at the end of her shift when came across a big surprise.

Everybody has their own idea of what's a good tip.
"Between 15 and 20% depending on the waitress or how it works out but yeah usually 15 to 20 percent," said customer Samson Abernathy.

"It asked me what percentage to give so I just pushed the button...I gave 15 percent," said customer Sam Walker.
Walker used his credit card to pay for his family's meal at Brooklyn Bagel. Afterwards, he gave a tip, using the business' newly installed electronic tip machine.
The process would seem easy enough. You give them your card, they swipe, and then it comes back to you to pick a tip amount.

"It was a little bit more than 10%," Horylev said. Try a 500,000% tip, because that's what Horylev's store received ($43,231.52) on an eight dollar meal last Wednesday.
After employees made the discovery, they called the card processing company, who at first told them not to worry about it.

"But then when they were on the phone they checked and sure enough it had been authorized and had gone through," Horylev said. "So he told them to go ahead and we'll reverse it so they actually reversed it all the way out and then reran just for the eight dollar food item that was charged. And the person will probably never know about it."

In the two months they've had the tip option for card-users, Horylev said there's been a learning curve. He said often times it times out, and the process starts over.
"But they still never put the wrong amount in. This is just flat out, way out there."

"Somehow they just must have gotten befuddled and hit the button and thought they were done and just kept hitting buttons," Horylev.

The only way someone could push buttons more than once is with option F4, where you can manually enter a dollar amount.

"They would have to enter seven numbers because it was a seven digit transaction, and then hit enter, and then authorize and hit ok," Horylev said. "So we can't figure out how they could have done that, and the number comes up in the machine, but somehow they did it."
"That would have never cleared in my bank account," Walker said. "I have six kids. I'm a pastor with six kids."
"That would definitely not go through for me," Abernathy said.

Well it went through, was a good tip, but in the end, probably wasn't for real.

And the accidental tipper is still out there.
Horylev said since installing the new electronic tip system, employee tips have doubled, and that's made employees at Brooklyn Bridge bagels very happy.


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