Chico Attempted Kidnappings

Sep 29, 2011 7:21 PM

"It happened so fast.. He just came at me with pepper spray and pepper sprayed me a ton.. And then grabbed me.." That's when this Chico State student began to fight for her life.. "I was worried he was going to try to put me in the car, so I started screaming and backing up and he kind of pushed me down on the ground and kind of came down on me, so I just started kicking him."

She was walking home, just before 6 a-m on Sunday, when she was assaulted on Eighth and Hazel street, in Chico. When she screamed, and kicked, the would-be attacker eventually jumped back into the car, and it sped away.. "As soon as I was free of him.. I just ran and ran and ran without stopping.."

Just one week before, just a few blocks away on Fifth and Flume, at about the same time of morning, another student reported the same thing happened to her. Both girls were walking alone, in the early hours of the morning.

Chico Police officers are advising people to avoid walking alone. Especially women. Especially when its dark out. Officer Jeff Durkin says, "I think the best advice we can give people is make sure they are aware of their surroundings.. You don't want to be walking alone in unlit areas.. You want people to know where you're coming from.. Going to.."

The news of these random attacks is just beginning to spread, and other Chico State students say hearing about the assaults is making them more aware. Chloe Crawford says, "Its definitely frightening and makes you be a little more cautious when you're walking home.. And you should never be walking by yourself.." "Scared.. Just walking a block away from school and so many different things can happen to you," says Chico State student Mary Colligan.

As for the victim, she says this assault has changed her life. "I have people staying with me every night, walking me everywhere. I'm terrified to even walk to my car alone.."

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Chico Police Department at 895-4911..


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