Chico Animal Hospital Rescues First Pig Named Bebe

Sep 15, 2013 6:09 PM

A local pot-bellied pig will be flying private. The porker is taking off from Chico to San Diego this week. The Chico Animal Hospital rescued her. Her name is Bebe, and she's a 17 pound, 3 month old, pot-bellied mix pig.
Daniel Hanson, Rescue Coordinator for the Chico Animal Shelter, has been working with animals for most of his life. He's made a very special bond with Bebe. Bebe was the first pig rescued by the Chico Animal Shelter on August 29th after people found her roaming around a McDonald’s parking lot.
Hanson says from the moment she got to the shelter, she felt right at home. Since the shelter doesn't have the facilities to hold her, Hanson took it upon himself to find a home for her. He says many of the shelters he reached out to were full. He finally got in contact with a shelter in San Diego called Snorts and Tails who offered to keep her there.


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