Chico ahead of the curve in water conservation

Jan 20, 2014 12:24 PM

Representatives from the California Water Service Company in Chico say the city is ahead of most in it's conservation efforts, and has already met important milestones set by the state. Legislators in Sacramento mandated every city in the state reduce water use by 15% by 2015, and by 20% by 2020. Both of those milestones have already been met by the Chico area.

On Friday, Governor Jerry Brown asked cities to cut back water use by 20% as a result of the states current water conditions, and California Water Service District Manager Mike Pembroke says that requirement has also been met. Pembroke told Action News Now there were two key factors that played a role in the city's water reduction.

The first, awareness by residents, and the second a change to a metered rate system that allows California Water Service Customers to closely monitor the amount of water they've used in a given month. On top of a change in the billing process, the company is also giving customers access to free low flow faucet guards, shower heads, and spouts for hoses on their website. Pembroke also told Action News Now the best things you can do to keep from overusing water is to fix leaks immediately, and make sure you aren't wasting water while irrigating your lawn.


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