Charges Planned for Mom in Death of Oroville Toddler

Feb 28, 2013 6:24 PM

The Butte County District Attorney's office is planning to file charges against the mother of Elizabeth Bowen, the 19 month old toddler who died last fall. They say Elizabeth's mom Amanda Easton, 21, allowed the toddler and her 4 year old son to live in filthy conditions. On October 12, 2012, Oroville police were called to the home at 1234 4th Avenue. When emergency responders arrived, they found Elizabeth dead in her crib. An officer on scene said it appeared the child had been dead for hours. There were three adults in the home at the time, including Easton, and two adult men. Following an invesigation, experts have determined Elizabeth died of low sodium and potassium levels. But DA Mike Ramsey says he cannot link Elizabeth's death to her diet or care. He says tests show the toddler was not malnourished, though he said she was fed a diet of cheetohs and other unhealthful foods. But investigators could not directly link her diet to her death and prove it beyond reasonable doubt in court. The DA is filing two counts of felony child endangerment based on dangerous conditions of her home, including chemicals and knives. Ramsey adds that the home was filthy and infested with cockroaches. Her son was removed from the home.


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