Celebrating 4th of July on Shasta Lake

Jul 4, 2014 9:00 PM

The holiday weekend means lots of people will be out on local waterways -- none more so than Shasta Lake.

Patriotic Americans aren't just celebrating the 4th of July on land, they're taking the party into the water.

Deputy Sheriff Dave Compomizzo with the Shasta County Sheriff's boating unit has been patrolling Shasta Lake all day, making sure everyone is having a good time the legal way.

"This is one of the bigger weekends for the Sheriff's Office on the lake...a lot of boating activities on the lake...so we want to create a presence so that people are aware we're out here and they're safe, using their heads."

Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July are the busiest times for the lake according to Compomizzo -- and that could mean more trouble.
He's watching out for boaters driving under the influence, and going over the 5 mph speed limit which violates a county ordinance.

"Tonight we're gonna be looking for fireworks once they go off...they're illegal in Shasta County."

Many of the violations Compomizzo hands out to visitors deal with boat and water safety.
He stopped several people during the ride along who weren't properly geared up.

"A lot of things we'll come across...people not using their ski flags or having the improper life jacket on for the activity they're doing at that time...most of it is the lack of knowledge of boating laws."

It's ok to party under Deputy Compomizzo's watch, as long as you follow his rules.

"Everybody enjoy the lake, have fun and go home safe."

Last year there were 7 DUI arrests on Shasta Lake for the entire summer season.
You can expect the Shasta County Sheriff's Office to be out in full force on the lake tonight, to keep this year's DUI count lower.


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