Cedar, Panther Fires Have Increased to a Combined 355 Acres

May 1, 2013 12:58 PM

Here is the most updated information we've received from Cal Fire on the two fires currently burning south of Butte Meadows.

CEDAR FIRE-Reported at 4:16 a.m. this morning, the fire is burning near the 10 E line South of Butte Meadows at 20 plus acres. The fire is currently spotting and being fueled by North winds. Current staffing is 3 overheads, eight engines, four tenders, two dozers, 4 crews, one helicopter, one tanker.

PANTHER FIRE- The fire was reported at 9:12 a.m. this morning near the 140 K line also south of Butte meadows at 20-30 acres. The fire is inside a clear cut but spotting outside that area. Current staffing is three overheads, eight engines, and one tender.

Cal Fire is working on limited resources from county and state because they are not fully staffed for fire season levels yet. Cal Fire stated there is no threat of the fires merging at this time due to the distance between the fires.

(UPDATE) 11:59 a.m.- Cal Fire has published a release stating the Panther Fire is burning a total of 100-120 acres, and the Cedar Fire 30 plus acres. A total of 116 personnel, 16 engines, one air tanker, one helicopter, five water tenders and six overhead personnel are combating the flames. Conditions remain very windy and dry, with burning timber and timber slash. The Panther Fire is anticipated to grow to several hundred acres. The fires are approximately two miles apart, and their cause is under investigation.

(UPDATE) 4:01 p.m.-

CEDAR- Fire is currently burning at 55 acres with 40% containment at the 10E line South of Butte Meadows. Personnel include eight hand crews, three dozers, 15 dozers, 1 air tanker, one helicopter, four water tenders, and six overhead personnel. Total personnel is 187. No road closures, evacuations or structures threatened.

PANTHER- Currently burning at 300 acres with 0% containment at the 140K3 line South of Butte Meadows. Personnel include six hand crews, six dozers, six engines, three water tenders, and 15 overhead personnel. Total personnel is 141. No road closures, evacuations or structures threatened. two helicopters were providing support earlier this afternoon, but turbulent winds have caused unsafe conditions to execute air support.

The two fires are approximately 12 miles apart from each other.

We will provide updates on both fires as they develop throughout the evening and will have the latest on Action News at 5 and 6:30 p.m.


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