CDC and Butte Health Officials issue warning regarding Zika virus

Feb 11, 2016 9:34 PM by Anthony Peters

In recent months, the Zika virus has run rampant through parts of Central and South America. Last week, the virus popped up in Southern California and now there is a confirmed case in Yolo County connected to someone who had recently visited South America. However, the Butte County Public Health Department, while monitoring the situation closely, is adamant the threat of contracting the virus is low.

"In California there has been zero transmission of the disease," BCPHD communications manager Lisa Almaguer said. "And in Butte County we have zero detection of the family of mosquitos that are even possible of transmitting the Zika virus."

The mosquito family, aedes aegypti, or commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito are originally native to Africa but have infested heavily in tropic and subtropic areas of the world like Mexico and Puerto Rico and are the only mosquito able to transmit the disease.

"As of right now, there have been no known mosquitos of this kind found in Northern California," Almaguer said.

Butte County does not have any mosquitos in the aedes family and the surrounding counties do not either however, health officials are asking people who have traveled to regions where the virus is active to remain vigilant.

"If you have traveled to an infected region and you have symptoms call your medical provider," Almaguer said. "They would include things like fever, joint pains, and conjunctivitas which is a redness of the eyes."

Due to possible complications to fetuses when exposed to the virus, health officials are asking pregnant women to be cautious when exposed to people who have recently traveled to active regions.

"If they are sexually active and have a partner who is pregnant it is recommended to abstain to abstain or correctly and consistently use condoms during the duration of the pregnancy," said Almaguer.


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