Caught on camera: Dramatic rollover a result of road rage

May 13, 2014 3:11 PM


A dramatic truck rollover was caught on dashcam video on Interstate 8 in San Diego over the weekend.

The incident started when two women in separate vehicles got into some sort of altercation while driving along westbound I-8 near College Avenue just before 4 p.m. Saturday.

The video posted to YouTube shows a green Toyota Tacoma-- driven by 33-year-old Stephanie Pontarolo-- pulling up alongside 21-year-old Kelsey Shakespeare, who was driving a silver Volkswagen Jetta.

The CHP says for an unknown reason, the Tacoma veered to the right and hit the Jetta, sending both vehicles shooting to the freeway shoulder.

As they reached the north embankment, the truck rolled.

Pontarolo suffered minor lacerations to her face, arm and foot, officials say, while Shakespeare complained of injuries to her back.

The incident was initially investigated as possible road rage, but CHP investigators say they are treating the incident as a traffic collision at this point.

If they find out there was an intentional act to harm another person, the driver could face separate charges such as attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon, the CHP says.

A recent road rage study found that San Diego drivers ranked second most likely to acknowledge purposely bumping other drivers who they think did something wrong.


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