Caught on camera: Black bear spotted in Redding front yard

Nov 19, 2014 8:00 PM by Charlene Cheng

A Redding man got a surprise visitor in his front yard, in the form of a black bear.

"I saw it here, I popped out my front door with a camera. Camera took a second to focus, I was hoping to get the face, but I got the back of the bear. I believe I made it pee as it ran off," said Skip Murphy, who lives in north Redding.

Murphy says that awhile ago, two boards in his fence in the area of his trashcans were broken off.

He believes that a bear had stopped by then, looking for food.

"I suspect that because it's a drought year, critters that would ordinarily be very shy and stay up in the hills are coming down and looking for food, and so if you have trash outside you might want to secure it in some way so you don't become a black bear diner," Murphy said.

This isn't the first sighting this week.

During the weekend, a black bear was spotted running through downtown Redding, and was eventually taken in by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"At this point in time we have had a lot of bears in town, and it's hard to speculate why," said Jennifer Carlson, an environmental scientist with the department.

She doesn't know exactly why bears have been more human-friendly lately, but says that not leaving food around is an easy way to avoid them.

"There has not been an attack on a person by a bear in Shasta County in the recorded history that we are aware of. Bears are curious creatures. If we do our part, bears will leave people alone," Carlson said.

Murphy agrees, adding that his visitor seemed to have suffered a much bigger fright than he did.

"They're very shy critters ordinarily, and I think it was quite the surprise that it saw me stick my camera out there door," he said.


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