Cat Stuck In Tree For Nearly A Week

Jan 17, 2011 6:26 PM

It's a story most have heard of, a cat stuck up in a tree, but most of the time the cat finds it's way back down. But for Stormy that isn't happening. The grey domestic short hair was chased up this enormous pine tree by a dog last Tuesday. After almost a week in the tree, her Magalia owner is worried for Stormy's health. " I'm just worried she's gonna die up there. I don't want her to get malnourished and lethargic. I just hope she's catching birds or something" explained Stormy's Owner Rachal Hambrock.
Stormy has a history of climbing trees, but her owner says she's always managed to come down. She fears the cat may be unable to climb down on her own because of the tree's massive size, and she's done everything she can think of to get stormy help. " After about 24 to 48 hours I started calling the fire department and other people to see if anybody specializes in getting cat's out of tree" said Hambrock.
So far, no one has been able to help and Rachal says each person just refers her to somebody else. But Rachal and her three year old son aren't the only ones worried about Stormy, her best feline friend Franky has been circling the tree with worry. " He's been kind of sad with her up in the tree" said Hambrock.
Rachal is asking for help from anyone who can get Stormy out of the tree, and vows this will never happen again. " She's staying indoors, never again am I gonna let this cat out of my sight" said Hambrock.
If you think you can help rescue Stormy, you can contact Action News at 893-6546.


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