Case of mistaken identity leads to assault and stabbing in Paradise

Apr 2, 2014 8:01 AM

Police are on the lookout for three people involved in an assault and stabbing in Paradise. Lee Holden, 53, told officers he was walking from his home to Stratton's Market on Sawmill Road, when he was approached by the first suspect. The man demanded to know the victim's name. After Holden identified himself, the suspect said he didn't believe him and thought he was someone else. Holden tried to leave the situation and walk home. The suspects then pulled up in a car and blinded the victim with their high beams just around the corner from the market on Nunneley Road. Police say the man that had approached Holden earlier then came at him with a knife and asked him to again identify himself. The suspect refused to believe Holden and slashed him across his left forearm. When Holden tried to run one of the other men knocked Holden to the ground, while the first suspect stabbed him in the upper back. All three suspects fled in a red 1990's 2-door coupe. They are described as white males between the ages of 19 and 21. One of them reportedly had very curly hair. The suspect that stabbed Holden is around 5'"10 with a thin build, medium length brown hair, and was wearing a tan flannel jacket. Holden's injuries were not life threatening. Anyone with information is asked to call Paradise Police.


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