Carousel Motel takeover

May 22, 2014 1:13 AM

After town officials in Paradise deemed a motel uninhabitable, a court order has taken ownership of the Carousel Motel to try to get it up to code. The problems started nearly a decade ago. Town officials cited the property for violations, but after a fire late last year town officials dug a little deeper. "We took a comprehensive look at the Carousel Motel to try to determine exactly what all of the violation were. When we finished, we had 203 identified violations at the property," said Dwight Moore, the attorney for the town of Paradise.

Town officials say the property wasn't brought up to code and they had to go ahead with a takeover of the motel. "We gave all of the notices required to the property owners and we have gone to a judge to get a receivership," said Moore.

"The judge didn't want to look at the pictures or nothing. He didn't even want to talk to us. He didn't want to hear from us. He said 'that's it. Receivership. Gone,'" explained Charles Parker, whose mother own the Carousel Motel. The family says they've been working with town officials to fix the problem and were making progress. "We're almost complete here and done with it. We had no idea that they were going to go ahead and push forward with the receivership because I was always told the inspections we've been having (were good) and with the signing off of the corrections that we're doing great."

Every room has running hot water and all but 3 of the rooms have a working heater. They say the list of hundreds of violations was almost complete. "I calculate 10 or 12 left to do and that's it. With my calculations, that puts us right at 94 percent done," explained Parker.

The court-ordered contractor could order everyone to vacate the property, and Parker isn't sure where he and his mother will end up. "I heard I have a week before I have to leave. I can't do that."

Town officials say some of the items that were not fixed were major violations and they couldn't give them more time. The receiver could decide to let them stay at the property while making the repairs. Parker hopes that he could work alongside the contractor to help keep the costs done and eventually buy back the motel.


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