CARD to look at additional off-leash areas for dogs

Apr 16, 2014 6:54 PM

The Chico Area Recreation and Park District's board will discuss the issue of additional off-leash dog areas tomorrow night.

Steve Visconti, General Manager of CARD, told Action News Now this all started with a woman being cited for having her dog off its leash at Hancock Park, and subsequently bringing this request to CARD.

Owners currently have just a few options in Chico: Lower and Upper Bidwell Park during certain times and areas, and DeGarmo Park in north Chico.

According to

“Dogs may be off leash from 5:30 AM until 8:30 AM in Lower Bidwell Park-- All other times dogs must be on a leash. Along the north side of Upper Park Road, dogs may be "off leash" anytime. While "off leash", dogs must remain under control via master's voice. Dogs are not allowed in One-Mile or Five- Mile swimming areas, or swimming holes in Upper Park.

Owners Action News Now spoke with at DeGarmo said they're on board with the idea of more off-leash areas.

Visconti said one viable option is a patch of land CARD owns on Henshaw Avenue in West Chico.

“Having options is good, [to] give him another option to run around and sniff,” said Chico dog owner Ciara O’ Toole.

“I’d be there in a heartbeat,” said Mike Boid of Corning. “It's just great for everybody…you meet the nicest people.”

“It would be great to have another option that maybe had some more water features for the dog, some activities they could do,” Chico dog owner Kim Ireland said.


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