Car Security Experts Give Tips to Avoid Auto Thefts

Dec 10, 2013 6:28 PM

It may be time to start better securing your car because auto theft is on the rise in California and in the North State.

“We’re hearing more thefts. We’re seeing people call in insurance claims of vehicles being broken in to,” said Alex Garcia, Exotic Car Audio & Security manager.

At Exotic Car Audio & Security in Chico business has been ringing off the hook lately. People are calling in everyday trying to find out ways to protect their cars.

“The number one preventive measure is a blinking light on the dash that people can see,” Garcia said. “If the light blinks on the dash, letting the potential thief know it's got an alarm, normally they'll go on to the next car.”

A new report links this increase in auto theft to the early release of jail inmates. It also says there's been about a 15 percent increase in car thefts since 2011. This report also claims there's been an additional 24,000 cars thefts each year in California due to early release.

Chico Police said they've definitely seen an increase in auto thefts lately. They also said it’s reasonable to believe that criminals given an early release will more likely commit crimes than those serving a complete sentence.


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