Car Crashes into Chico Fire Station

Jun 4, 2013 7:38 AM

Firefighters at Station One in Chico got quite the wake up call Tuesday morning when a car crashed into the building. It happened just after 12:30am. Police say the car was traveling East on 9th street when it hit a tree, forcing the vehicle into the firehouse.
The driver, 24 year old Emily Devlin of Chico, told police she was trying to avoid colliding with another car when she lost control of her vehicle. There were four passengers in the car. One of the passengers, later identified as Joshua Daniel, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. He was also arrested for a burglary warrant out of Kern County.
A police K9 alerted officers to some drug paraphernalia in the car, but officers were not able to link it to any of the passengers.
The building didn't receive any major damage. The car was totaled.


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