Caper Acres Vandalism

Apr 21, 2011 11:18 PM

Children like three year old Selah were disappointed when seeing their favorite park closed once again.. "I don't want it to be closed.. because i want to play on it.."

Chico mom, Jeanette Conery says, "It's really disappointing when the park is closed because I bring my kids here and so do my friends.." Wendi Metzger says, "We can't come and play on this beautiful day."

City of Chico Park and Natural Resource Manager Dan Efseaff is frustrated to see Caper Acres vandalized again.. Dan says, "It really has an impact on users and it keeps us from doing other things we need to do in the park."

The vandalism occurred Monday night and left parts of the park unsafe and unusable.. Dan says, "A couple of boards were kicked out. But to repair that, we got to take a look at it.. The underlying structure wasn't sound to do an easy repair.."

Which means the park needed to close until the repairs are completed.. Chico Park Maintenance Rob Henderson says, "It kind of breaks my heart. A lot of birthday parties were scheduled and we had to turn them away and tell them maybe next week."

CARD's annual Easter egg hunt is Saturday morning.. the closure may affect that tradition as well..

Park employees are doing all they can to fix the castle so it will be open in time for it's annual easter egg hunt. Rob says, "We're working all day for the last couple days. I'm working all day tomorrow and hope it gets done.."


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