Canyon Dam Earthquake Update

May 24, 2013 9:36 AM

  • No reports of injuries due to the earthquake

  • No reports of damage or concerns at critical facilities such as hospitals or communications infrastructure. PG&E’s dam assessment was completed earlier this morning and no problems or concerns with dam safety were identified

  • The Lake Almanor Mutual Water Company sustained a water main rupture, emptying the tank. Up to 1500 customers may be affected. Repairs are anticipated to be complete by 1200 Friday May 24. State Public Health officials anticipate a boil water advisory will be issued until disinfection and testing shows the system is free of contamination.

  • Power previously out to over 600 PG&E customers on the Lake Almanor peninsula has been restored.

  • . Per the sheriffs office, crews were in route and expected on site by 2330. No further update at this time.

  • At least 3 homes on the eastshore and Lake Almanor peninsula area sustained moderate damage. Damage consists of collapsed chimneys and masonry, drywall and plaster cracking. No structural damage has been reported at this time. This is an area with many vacant and seasonal homes, so not all damage may be fully known at this time.

  • A relatively minor rock slide occurred on Highway 89 and a fews miles north of Hwy 147. No other reports of roadway issues have been reported. Highway 89 remains open at this time.


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