Campus liquor store manager says fake ID's on rise this year

Sep 1, 2014 7:51 PM by Brian Johnson

A liquor store manager near Chico State's campus said he's seeing an increase in fake ID's.

Star Liquors' Pawan Pabbi said he's already confiscated 22 since Chico State students returned to campus, compared to just a couple last year.

Last week, while the Alcoholic Beverage Control was in town, a man was arrested in his parking lot after Pabbi took his ID inside and refused to leave right away.

Pabbi said he's mad because fake ID's put everything at risk for him, including big fines should he sell to a minor.

"This year, [it's been] very bad," said Pabbi. "First week 15, next week 7 ID's. I think more than one is too much. It makes me mad."

ABC lists the minimum penalty for being caught with a fake ID as a $250 dollar fine or community service, plus a one year suspension of a driver's license.


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