Campaign reminds pedestrians to 'Think Train!'

Apr 8, 2014 8:04 PM

In the United States, a pedestrian or car is hit by a train every three hours.

California topped the list for trespasser fatalities in 2013.

"Every city that has a railroad that runs through it, will at time-to-time have accidents that involve pedestrians or vehicles," said Sgt. Jay Guterding with the Redding Police Department.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, Shasta County clocked in with six casualties last year.

A non-profit group called Operation Lifesaver is launching a public campaign to reduce the number of accidents.

Train tracks are private property owned by the railroads.

If you're trespassing, you're not only gambling with the law, you're gambling with your life.

"There's a California penal code section that prohibits people from loitering or trespassing on railroad property, so you should never be walking along the tracks or walking next to the tracks. You should always cross immediately at an approved crosswalk," Sgt. Guterding said.

He adds that it's a misdemeanor to trespass, and you can be cited or arrested.


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