Caltrans employees help couple find lost wedding ring

Apr 24, 2014 5:29 PM

A Washington couple was on the way to Reno for their son’s wrestling tournament when the wife discovered she had lost her wedding ring, but thanks to some helpful Caltrans workers the ring was back in their possession just a few days later.

Ed and Kathy Hawthorne were able to determine the lost wedding ring had been thrown away at a rest stop in California. They contacted Caltrans, but they had no idea which rest area they had stopped at.

After a long phone conversation with Traffic Management Center Lead Joe Baltazar, it was determined they had been at the Bogard Rest Area in Susanville.

Caltrans district 2 employees then contacted Susanville Maintenance Supervisor Galen Roberts. Roberts contacted Rest Area Supervisor Kathi Robinson who dug through four garbage cans until she located the ring.

Hawthorne later told Caltrans Public Information Officers that she had injured her finger the day before and the ring was uncomfortable, so she took it off and put it in a Styrofoam cup in the car. Ed asked his son to remove all the garbage from the car at the rest stop. The boy didn’t realize his mother’s ring was in the cup when he threw it in the trash.

“Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it and the fact there are still good, honest people in this day and age,” Hawthorne said.


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