Caller Reports Drunk Driver Leaving Chili's, Accident Minutes Later

Oct 14, 2013 1:35 AM

Chico police say someone called 911 from Chili's Bar & Grill on east 20th street to report an intoxicated man leaving the restaurant. Moments later, a man in a green pick-up allegedly rear-ended a cadillac near Winco and drove away. Then, a head-on crash was reported in front of CVS Pharmacy on Forest Avenue and Humboldt Drive. Investigators say the green pick-up crossed the center divide and hit another pick-up truck head-on. The driver of the second pick-up had to be extricated, and was rushed to the hospital in unknown condition, though it is reported that he was talking to medics. The driver of the green pick-up, Zachary Wertz, 24, was given a field sobriety test and arrested at the scene for DUI. A witness says her car was almost hit as she waited at the intersection of Humboldt and Forest, and she says the green pick-up with speeding without headlights. Police say it's not known if Wertz was driving without headlights, or if they'd been damaged in the crash with the cadillac in front of Winco.


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